vendredi 20 avril 2007

Afraid ? me ? oooh yeah !

Dominez votre peur.
Une femme ne vous fait pas peur ? votez Royal.
Un homme ne vous fait pas peur ? votez Bayrou.
Rien ne vous fait peur ? votez Sarkozy.

Copyright : Hervé Le Tellier
Le Monde

Control your fear.
A woman does not scare you ? vote Royal
A man does not scare you ? vote Bayrou
Nothing scares you ? vote Sarkozy

Another interesting data :

5 543 people died from a car accident in 2005, and
4.703 in 2006 in France
858 people died in a plane accident in 2006, 1 035 in 2005, all over the world.
4 people died because of a shark attack out of 62 attacks, in 2006, the same in 2005 out of 63, all over the world.

Okey, the chances that I take a plane are higher than to meet a shark... granted...

Still, the conclusion of all this ranting is that :

1) I'm definitely gonna prefer the plane over the car and I'll stop worrying during landing or if there are turbulences
2) I'm happy to ride a bicycle
3) I'll continue diving no matter if there are sharks in the water.

Who said I was afraid ?

Okey, I'm just afraid that Sarko is gonna be president...

PS (oh ! I just love that initials !) : here are some pics taken when I dived with sharks in Cape Town Aquarium, I wanted to meet my colleagues...

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